Friday, June 26, 2009

First Post

So it's 12:33 Firday night and actually started this blog only 1 day after I thought of doing it. I thought of setting up a "getting in shape" blog. Update my progress. Don't know if anybody will care to read this or care that some random dude is working out and not shoving a bunch of sweets into his belly at every opportunity. If you don't, there's a cute little red "x" at the top right of this screen. Just click it.
Anyway, since I came back into town, I've tried to buy only healthy foods (and alcohol). I also have some great sweets from Iran and chocolate from Germany that I brought back from my trip. The intention was to give it out. But I was in confused daze of jet lag when I came back and now I don't really have any friends around to share it with.
Anyway, I've been using the new pool in my building. It's 23 meters (75 feet) long so it makes for a good workout. Anyway, I've used it 3 times and lvoe it. I'll try to post what kinds of workouts I've been doing on this blog and how much I've beeen swimming.
My last 6 sessions of lifting included 2 days of legs, 2 back/biceps, 2 chest triceps. Won't bore you with the details now but I have started swimming which is great. I bought a pair of swimming shorts and goggles. The shorts are good except on the breaststroke, it restricts my leg movement. Might have to move to wearing speedos...yikes.
The 1st day in the pool I did 10 laps, then 12, then 14. I could go on and on but I'm more concerned about how much I can do in 1/2 hour. The last few sessions took about 15 minutes. We'll see...
I took a couple pics to do the whole "Before and after" thing. I don't look that bad. That's not my incredible vanity but rather just being honest. Judge for yourself. I stood up straight and didn't put effort in to tuck in but I didn't try to make the pics worse than I am just so I feel like I've improved when I take pics again in a couple months. Also, I haven't figure out how to turn the pics right side up yet. Anyway, it's late and I'm enjoying a drink with some chocolate. Yeah yeah, not the best diet but it's my night off of work and I've been good the rest of the week.
Let's hope I keep up with this blog but more importantly my plan to really get in shape.
Take care,