Thursday, March 29, 2012


Still cruising under 210. I'm there. ALmost there at least. My goal of 200 is within reach or at least feels like it.  Last few weeks included traveling and nights of debauchery which always sets me back a bit. Now I have a few weeks before my next trip. I've been working out consistently but started eating way too many sweets. Today we had boxed lunches- turkey sandwich, chips, brownie, water. The brownie and chips were unnecessary and the sandwich had a thick loaf of soggy bread. I would have been so much better off skipping altogether but I ate it anyway.
The deal is when my activity level rises especially when I am lifting more- my diet goes down the drain. Then something comes up and I stop lifting but my eating habit continue and I lose whatever ground I made in the past couple months. What saved me this past winter was the absolute lack of bread in my diet. Not on purpose but I just stopped buying it and rarely ate sandwiches when I went out. The only bread was the occasionally burger bun I would enjoy every week or two. A nutritionist well in tune with alternative medicine has a fantastic reaction to my mention of foods with gluten or fatty treats such as muffins. Her eyes open and she looks mortified and says ..."diabetes." Scary. After all this exercise and trying to be healthy, for me to become diabetic. I need to remember that look on her face more often. I'm enjoying a cappuccino now but skipped the brownie and need to make the cappuccino my treat, not the sweet that I would have with it.
I also am making a great effort to play more tennis. Cancelled my cable subscription and the money I save from that will go to joining leagues and tournaments to play more. Once I get a good consistent groundstroke I can spend the rest of the year playing and working out in between to be in stellar shape for...I don't know but who cares. I'll be jacked without the need for some ridiculous workout program and protein shakes. Consistency will get me to where I want to be. 200 lbs, lean, good tone, and NO diabetes!