Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let's get competitive

Finally bought some new basketball shoes and a ball this weekend. I've been starved for competition and late night drunken ping pong matches don't really cut it for me. It is absolutely ridiculous to workout so much just for the sake of working out. I want to see results not just in the mirror but also on the court, any court. Basketball, tennis, soccer...bring it! What I'm going to TRY to do is be active everyday. All this talk about allowing your muscles to rest every other day is lame. Did Hercules have a strict Monday-Wednesday-Friday lifting schedule? Did Achilles only go jogging on odd numbered days and relax at a spa on the weekends? No, they did not. But FlexE you're not some great heroic mythological figure, you are just human. Um, clearly you are not able to grasp the potential of my athletic prowess. Ok, I'm getting ridiculous here but you get the point.
So I am going to try to go swimming in the morning before work and play ball on those same afternoons and on the other days continue my 3x/week lifting schedule. I might even combine legs and chest or back and legs, etc to make it 2x/week. I prefer to spend the majority of my time outdoors competing. It drives me to be better and makes me feel great. Even if I lose, knowing that I gave it a full shot just motivates me to get back on the court and do better. I want to speak of a past triumph regarding basketball but maybe it's better said on a different post when I have more time to get into it.
Hope this blog is motivating some of you to get out there and be active too. Hopefully I'll put up some "after" pics in a couple months that will motivate me and the readers alike to continue a healthy lifestyle.

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