Monday, July 27, 2009

1st day of the new 0 to 1650 swim workout.

I'll paste the week two workout here:
WEEK two:
200 for 12 breaths
100 for 10 breaths...repeat 3 times
50 for 6 breaths...repeat 3 times
25 for 4 breaths...repeat 3 times
total: 900 yards

I assume that I'll do this 3x for the week. Before moving on to week "three". So today was day ONE of my first WEEK. I started off strong but had a little internal battle between wanting to stop since I had just finished a full leg workout and had a long night of work and reminding myself of a previous post about not holding anything back during my workouts. Swam 200 yards (half breaststroke, half crawl) took 12 breaths and did 2-100s but then I started cheating. Not so much on the yardage but actually the breathing. On average I took twice as many breath breaks as was listed in the workouts. Meaning instead of a 10 breath break, I counted up to 15-20. Nevertheless I finished the full workout and hope that by the 3rd time I do this this week, I will have done it with the correct amount of rest breaths.
To swim a mile is a great achievement in my book since swimming has always been my achilles heel. I have gone bike riding for long lengths up and down mountains and gone jogging for an hour with ease. However, swimming is very intimidating. I have convinced myself that it is because my body is not made to float but that is just a ridiculous excuse. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will comfortably jump in the water and enjoy a good mile or two of swimming without feeling like my lungs will give out.

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