Friday, July 17, 2009

Another week

Getting ready for a night out. I've been good for most of the week. Lifted three times. Legs (always start with that to get it out of the way), then chest/triceps on Tuesday and back/biceps on Wednesday. Stuck in a few rounds of swimming and I think that counts as a full week of working out. Today I just went for a swim before going out. Did 30 laps. 15 freestyle 15 breaststroke. Everyone remember how much each lap was? That's right, about 75 feet. 30x75= 2250 feet right? Woohoo! Would love to get that speedo at this point but I made a promise to reach a goal first. So this post is a lie. I started it before going out. But now I'm back home at 4 am finishing up this blog. I had a good night and ate some "chicken n' rice" but I really regret it. I have been taking care of what I eat with good fish, quinoa, greens. To eat some greasy food with Grade "?" meat, is just such a shame. I don't think I enjoyed it all that much either. But I was with a good friend and sometimes that makes it all worth it.
Here are a few pics of what I've been enjoying for grub. Ahi tuna steaks are great, tough like meat, health
y like fish! The orange stuff are carrots I chopped up and threw on the pan. I used to love carrots. That story will come on another post when I have nothing else to talk about....


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