Saturday, July 4, 2009

Keeping on

So what's a blog if I don't keep posting? I've been good about skipping out on muffins and excess food, etc etc Lots of fruit, greens, fish, quinoa. And a few piece of sweets with my tea. I thought this might balance out the excess cortisol in my system from working nights. I need to skip out on heavy breakfasts though right before I take my 6 hour day nap. Kind of like having an unnecessarily big dinner at the end of the night. I realized my legs have gotten really strong. I squeeze in a leg workout once a week and walk around endlessly at work. The cortisol though does its number on my midsection. I'll keep fighting until this month and the night shift is over. Eating great, being healthy blah blah blah.
My workouts have been good too. I try to lift then go for a swim. I'm lucky enough to have a 23 meter lap pool in my building. I know, I'm loaded. So loaded that I spent 1/2 hour deciding if it was worth dropping $15 in the clearance section of Modell's for a pair of swimming shorts. So 23 meters, how many feet is that? A bit over 75 I think. We'll go with 75. Why not just use meters? Well, when I calculate how far I've gone, it'll sound more impressive.
I started a couple weeks with 12 laps. I decided to keep increasing the laps. 14, 16, 18, 20, then 30 yesterday. Some breaststroke, some crawl. No backstrokes though. I always worry about my head hitting the wall. I'm not the best swimmer but I've taken courses and hope that in due time I'll get better. I realized this morning that it actually does work your muscles. After 18 laps, my arms wouldn't move. So let's calculate: 30 laps x 75 feet= 2250 feet. Good stuff. I'm hoping within a month or so, I'll put in 50 laps easily in 1/2 hour. Once I get to a 100 I might even venture to go euro and buy some speedos. Poor lifeguard sitting there. Might be in 2 months, maybe 2 years, we'll see.
I stuck a pic of what I had for dinner tonight. I had some wine leftover from last week so I thought I'd pour some in the pan with my ahi tuna. Mmmmm. I'm using the smaller plates now, I figure once I get the Euro speedos, I should start eating their portions too. By the way, my place isn't jaundiced. The yellow was just my camera setting.
Well have to get to work for some cortisol pumping fun overnight. I hope everybody has a great July 4th and be safe. ERs are already packed with drunk driving morons and burn victims.

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